News from ITF Kenya

After ITF finished the production of the REC films, the volunteers started working on the REC exhibition. ITF decided to implement the REC exhibition in rural areas with the aim of reaching more people and having a greater impact through the films. This was an exciting time as everybody involved planned and worked together to make the event successful. We ensured that T-shirts, REC methodological guides, posters and other materials were printed and the only thing pending was our travel to the rural areas.

Unfortunately our plans never came to fruition because the government declared a lockdown two days before our intended travel. The lockdown was due to an increase in Covid-19 cases in what was to be the third wave of the pandemic in the country. Due to government restrictions and to safeguard everybody’s wellbeing, ITF was forced to put implementation of REC activities on hold as we waited for things to get better.

The month of May has however brought with it some good news. The pandemic cases in the country have decreased and the roll-out of vaccines in the country is slowly progressing. In addition to this, the government has eased the lockdown. Things are improving and if this continues, ITF will be able to resume its implementation of REC activities.

The REC exhibition is an activity that the volunteers and participants are looking forward to implementing especially because it is an opportunity to share what they have learnt with other young people, who will benefit from this knowledge, and they will also get the chance to showcase their work to a large audience.

ITF volunteers continue to work together to make the REC project a success in the region and to overcome all challenges through their hard work and commitment.

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