Through the Reflect Experiment Capture (REC) replay labs, ITF was able to educate more youth on the different forms of bullying, and it also provided an opportunity for them to learn the various film making techniques while developing video editing skills. For this activity, ITF collaborated with two local institutions, namely Kinyanjui polytechnic and Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Kikuyu.

The replay labs took place at the Junction in Nairobi in the months of July and August. Participants of the replay labs really enjoyed the event and were highly active during the brainstorming sessions where they shared experiences, raised and answered questions and developed story lines for the different video themes.

Through these activities, they not only acquired skills and knowledge from ITF volunteers but from each other as well and this was demonstrated through the videos that each group produced.

This was an extremely valuable initiative because the replay labs participants will now implement the REC project in their schools and youth groups, empowering and educating more youth, locally, with the end goal of contributing to raise awareness on reducing violence in our communities.

ITF as an organization is pleased to have taken another step forward in the implementation of the REC project, and we aim to continue doing so for the remaining activities, such as the REC exhibition, which will see ITF displays its REC films to an audience of 50 youth, and the youth exchange programme, where ITF will have the precious opportunity to interact with other international REC partners and hopefully wave new relations.

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