Here we have some encouraging reflections from our Kenyan partners, International Transformation Foundation (ITF), on the REC Lab 2 on «Bullying». This workshop used the elaboration of masks for the creation of characters as its main creative technique to combine with the experimental video-making.

“One aspect that I love about this project is the free use of imagination given to the youths to create the videos showcasing violence.”

In a positive note, one participant of the lab implemented by ITF, shared that the REC project encourage young people to “feel free to create and find their own way of using the proposed techniques». Being free to express themselves in a creative way going beyond any convention is something that made the participants feel good. Feeling listened, in addition, encouraged them to work with passion. And the project team cannot ask for anything better that keen participants!

All the project’s partners are currently creating the second experimental video and we hope that all of them could live this REC lab experience with same fun and excitement of our Kenyan partners!

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