One of the main aims of the REC project was to involve young people in the production of audiovisual creations to reflect on violence and promote violence prevention.

To achieve this, two programmes were developed: the REC programme, to train a first group of young people affiliated to the partners organizations, and the REPLAY programme, to transfer the methodology to other organizations and train more young people through a peer-learning methodology.

Both programmes were implemented in five different countries (Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Germany and Kenya) and as a result, 25 videos were created in the framework of the REC programme (5 videos per country) and 10 videos were produced by implementing the REPLAY programme (2 videos per country).

The REC programme consisted of 5 different labs where different topics were explored and different artistic techniques were used for the creation of the experimental videos.

REC Lab 1

Topic: Physical violence

Artistic technique: Photo experimentation

REC Lab 2

Topic: Bullying

Artistic technique: Creation of masks

REC Lab 3

Topic: Cyberbullying

Artistic technique: Land art

REC Lab 4

Topic: Gender-based violence

Artistic technique: Textile collage

REC Lab 5

Topic: Indifference, invisibility and isolation

Artistic technique: Shadow theatre

For the creation of the videos created during the REPLAY labs, on the other hand, young people were let free to choose among those topics and even to explore new artistic techniques.

Finally, among the categories you will find one that is named “trainer of the trainers”. It presents the outcomes of the first experimental video-making experience of the youth workers involved in the REC project. In April 2019, they had a face-to-face meeting in Valladolid (Spain) where they received a first video-making training and where the REC adventure began. Do you want to learn how to create an experimental video? Have a look at our Methodological Guide!