At the end of February, the trainers of the REC project and the Indonesian volunteer Tessa of CJD Frechen, Germany had the chance to receive a training workshop on filming and editing.

A full day was spent together, dedicated to get some background information on filming and editing, learning some technical features, and more importantly, getting to actually do it which was the fun part.

The trainers of CJD did not have much experience in filming and video editing before they joined the project. The first two labs done together with the participants were carried out with the best intention to follow the instructions and have the youngsters understand the topic and then create a meaningful experimental video. Both parties said that the editing part was the most difficult for them; hence we realized a workshop is absolutely needed.

Our workshop began with an eye-opener, as we learnt following the 5-shot-coverage steps for filming, which made the whole task much easier. Summed up, this meant that the videos aimed to be produced in the future had to have the 5 shot rule for filming:

  • What – recording of a close up on what is happening and what is the action
  • Who – who is leading the plot, close up of the person or character
  • Where – total or semi-total of the space or environment where the plot is taking place
  • How- connection between the person and action
  • WOW-shot, exceptional perspective, depending on the topic of the video.

Furthermore the basic knowledge that we often ignore in video shoots was thought: camera settings and proper use of camera gear, paying attention to the recording resolution while filming and using gears, such as the tripod. We learnt that this is inevitable in video shooting even though the videos we were going to produce were experimental videos, using such gears immensely improved the quality.

After this theoretical introduction we decided to test the new acquired knowledge and skills, and having LAB 3 in mind, we started to work with those materials and the topic. Please have a look at the result on the

To close a full day of work and fun, we left the workshop extremely motivated to run the next labs with our young people at CJD. Unfortunately, the confinement due to the COVID 19 pandemic thwarted our plans, the youngsters involved in the project were sent home and a new era of digital learning started for them, which is sad to say, didn’t let us continue with the labs as an online/remote implementation was not feasible.

But with the easing of the confinement and the re-opening, we are eager and hoping to continue very soon.

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