2020 has been marked by the worldwide Covid19 pandemic and the social restrictions derived from it. As a result of this situation, the REC project has been subject to some external factors that influenced the project’s activities and made the partners realize the latent need of distance learning solutions.

The REC project itself was designed taking into account the importance of art and new technologies in the education of the youngsters and preparing them to face the challenges of the 21st century. Notwithstanding the training curriculum, materials and procedures were designed to be available in a form of an e-book and the training to be delivered face-to-face.

When the project team realized that there was a real need of adapting the workshops activities to enable their online delivery, it was decided to develop this tailor-made e-learning platform, which is now available!

The platform contains theoretical contents and practical instructions and resources to carry out the REC programme remotely. To make this process more visual and explicit, a series of video tutorials will also show the process of each art discipline implementation.

We hope that this adaptation would permit the project results go one step further in the adaptation of non-formal education to the needs of the nowadays society during and beyond the pandemic.

Are you interested in the REC e-course? Send an email to cer@intras.es or contact with the organization based in your country: CESIE (Italy), DEJAVATO Foundation (Indonesia), ITF (Kenya).

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