Today, the REC project has reached its end date. The project team is pleased to present you all the results of this amazing 3-year experience.

The NEED ANALYSIS REPORT produced after consulting youth workers and young people with the aim to analyse the relations between youth and violence, their experience in video-making and their degree of awareness about the possibility to use video-based methodologies to prevent violence and promote a culture of non-violence. (Available in English)

The METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE developed with aim to support youth workers in applying the REC programme based on video-making and artistic expression to promote youngsters’ reflection about violence and involve them in violence prevention processes. (Available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Indonesian and Swahili)

The PILOT REPORT, that is a collection of all the findings from the first implementation of the REC programme, including participants’ and trainers’ feedback. Its main aim is to provide an evaluation of the methodology developed in the framework of the project, as well as to propose suggestions for its future replications. (Available in English)

A COLLECTION OF 29 EXPERIMENTAL VIDEOS produced by young people from Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Kenya and Germany during the first implementation of the REC programme. Those videos show youngsters’ reflections and raise awareness about the need to fight again violence in all its forms. The collection is available in the home page of this website and on the official YOUTUBE CHANNEL of the project.

The DOCUMENTARY FILM produced to show through images and through the voices of the people involved in the project what this experience meant to them. (Available in English with subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian and Swahili)

Two additional collections of videos: one produced in the framework of the REPLAY PROGRAMME, through which the REC methodology was transferred to external organizations and institution working with youngesters through the implementation of further workshops based on a peer-learning methodologies – actively involving young people who took part previously in the REC programme; another one produced in the framework of the INTERNATIONAL VIDEO CONTEST launched with the main aim to give young people a space to share their thoughts, feelings and reflections about violence through video-making.

The establishment of four MANAGING BOARDS composed of young people who took part in the project activities – REC and/or REPLAY programmes – who are committed to take advantage of what they have learned through their participation in the project and are going to continue to meet to carry out projects to raise people’s awareness of different social issues through video making.

The E-LEARNING PLATFORM which contains the adapted version of the REC workshops activities to enable their online delivery. It includes theoretical contents and practical instructions and resources to carry out the REC programme remotely. To make this process more visual and explicit, a SERIE OF VIDEO TUTORIALS will also show the process of different artistic techniques implementation. (Availabe in English)

The REC project also gave us the chance to travel or to virtually meet people from different countries. 8 Youth workers from Italy, Germany, Indonesia and Kenya travelled to Valladolid (Spain) in 2019 to participate in kick-off meeting and TRAINING OF THE TRAINERS event of the project. 3 young girls from Indonesia (Erika and Asry) and Kenya (Angie) had the chance to carry out a EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE in Spain, Italy and Germany. 24 people – youth workers and youngsters involved in the project in Spain, Italy, Indonesia and Kenya – virtually participated in the ONLINE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL of the project, where they could present their audiovisual productions and meet participants from other countries.

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