2020 has been a busy year for Italy’s youth in Palermo. Between Covid-19 and REC’s shootings, the local group of young people have worked really hard in sustaining the quality and production of the experimental videos from Italy.

Participants had to become creative and find alternative ways to continue the REC Labs amidst the pandemic restrictions.

Home-made stop motion

From doing stop-motion each one a scene from home in full lockdown, to meeting online or outdoors in the park, to doing a lot of online peer learning, to adapting the script to each new Decree innumerous times, Palermo’s group has overcome more than technical difficulties. They have grown out of their comfort zone and, not only contribute to violence prevention with their own hands and mind but also learnt lots.

Online training

In one of our participant’s words:

“The REC project has been, surprisingly, an experience of personal and professional growth. Personally because I got to focus in topics very relevant to me but also because I got to exchange ideas with people from different cultures and opinions. Professionally, I gained competences such as team work, audiovisual competences, video production and delivery of a product. In conclusion, REC has definitely been a positive formative experience at 360 degrees.”

Shadow theatre

Have a look at the video section to watch their videos!

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