News from Dejavato, Semarang, Indonesia

REC Lab 5 workshop was held at Citra Dream Hotel Semarang. This event was organized by the Dejavato Foundation.

The REC Lab 5 is the last Lab of the project. The Lab was held on 3 session, 2 offline sessions and another is online because of the limitation of social interaction in the City because of the pandemic.

The Lab 5 workshop has been held on Tuesday, 29 December 2020 with Theme “Indifference, Invisibility and Isolation” using Land Shadow and Theatre as the method to explain the theme. The workshop was held in 8 sessions, ranging from receiving material about bullying and power imbalance, further introduction of videography and video editing techniques, and the process of making objects using elaboration of Shadow Theatre. After the material is delivered, participants were divided into groups and asked to try to apply the knowledge provided by making experimental videos on the theme of the Lab.

As mentioned above, the Lab was held in the pandemic situation so it made everything different. Basically, the challenge was still the same with the previous Lab, but some adaptation was needed!

The holding of the REC Lab 5 Workshop aims to raise awareness about causes and consequences of Indifference, Invisibility and Isolation which can also closely be related to the issue of bullying.

Therefore, we can know that in fact the REC Lab weokshop will not stop here. Dejavato has held the Local Exhibition collaborated with Literafiction Community. Please for those of you who want to experience getting new knowledge about various things, we are waiting for your arrival at Dejavato.

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