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Project Newsletter

Newsletter #2

Have you ever wondered why violence is still so present in our societies? Have you ever asked yourself what you can do about it? These have been the leading questions behind the REC – Reflect Experiment Capture project, while creativity, motivation, awareness and collaboration have been the answer as the leading forces […]

Project Newsletter

Newsletter #1

Violence is present in every single country all over the globe with no exceptions. It can take different forms such as bullying, sexual abuse, gender violence, child abuse. The exercise of violence causes much suffering and injustice throughout the world. Apart from the social and economic cost of violence, it […]


Let the First REC Lab begin!

REC, Reflect. Experiment. Capture, is a project which combines audiovisual production, artistic creation and new technologies with the aim to empower young people and spread a non-violent culture. To reach this goal, one of the actions that the project team is currently carrying out is the development of a training […]