News from CESIE, Italy

Have you ever heard the works stop motion? Performance? Composition? Have you ever seen a hidden potential in leaves, sand, flowers, or stones even?

Well, REC has! During our 3rd REC Lab, young people used these elements and techniques to engage in Land Art with the aim to produce their experimental video (see under REC Lab 3).

CESIE and all partners countries are currently working on the production of video tutorials of this and other techniques that will be used on the all-new Digital version of the REC Manual. Updated digital tools are being developed by the partnership to adapt the REC methodology online to meet the new reality and need. This will also help to spread the power of video making and artistic techniques around the world and become accessible to innumerable numbers of young people!

Moreover, our Documentary Film will be out soon with insights from the experience of youth and youth workers from Spain, Indonesia, Kenya, Italy and Germany.

Stay tuned for updates!

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