News from Dejavato, Indonesia

Semarang (13 February, 2021)

The REC Local Exhibiton was held offline at DeTekon view Semarang and online via Zoom Meetings and organized by the Dejavato Foundation.  For the offline exhibition, Dejavato collaborated with a local film community called Literafiction Community on 13th February; the meeting was attended by 24 participants, 14 of them members of the Literafiction Community.

The REC Local Exhibition has spread awareness about bullying and many social issues around us. The offline workshop was going well with the strict health protocols, participants were enthusiastic, paid attention to the presenter, and discussed social issues.

The online session was held on 20th February 2020. Dejavato opened the event for everyone who wanted to join In this session and 46 participants registered to the event. There was interesting and exciting sharing and discussion as Dejavato provided prizes for active participants, even if theydid suffer from some minor platform-related technical issues.

All in all, it was nice to involve new audiences by collaborating with the Literafiction Community. The community helped with dissemination through their online platform or direct contact with people. They also made 2 experimental videos for the campaign in a big joint effort to spread the word among young people about the Local Exhibition as much as possible.

Dejavato continues to carry out dissemination actions through social media and does its best to reach young students through their local network. They also organize follow-up programs to add campaigns related to the REC project despite the pandemic situation.

If you would like to gain experience in video-making or violence prevention and learn new things, Dejavato is waiting for you in Semarang! Join them!

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