News from Palermo, Italy

Closing 2020 & 2021 with so many uncertainties was not easy. However, instead of posing a hindrance, it became an excellent opportunity for Italian youth to express themselves creatively through experimental video creation.

In this context, two groups of young people immersed themselves in very current topics touching today’s youth during the REPLAY Labs of the project, short replications of the long REC Labs already concluded in Italy.

The first group, a class of teenagers decided to face the issues of dating violence through their video “Possession is Not Love”, a raw and young account of the conflicting dynamics of adolescent relationships. Have a look here.

During our brainstorming sessions for the video «Possession is Not Love»

The second group involved young women who in a very bold, ironic and complex manner, addressed the issue of toxic masculinity and gender-based violence. After much reflection and with great drawing skills, these women managed to put together a comic yet sad experimental video called “Last Minute News” where stereotypes of gender, roles and even colours are upside-down. Watch it here.

Working on the video «Last Minute News»

In January 2021, the hard work of all the young people in Italy, including participants from the REC Labs in 2019-2020, was rewarded with an online Local Exhibition of their work, their experience & lessons learnt in which more than 50 people joined us from around the world. This way, their art, creativity, video-making skills & the result of their reflections allowed their voices to reach the most remote corners of the world.

Thank you to all the people that made this local REC experience possible!

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