The whole idea of experimental film making was a new concept to the ITF team in the beginning. We have managed to create two videos so far, it has been a great learning experience for our youth participants and the entire ITF team.

Our last video was on Bullying and Power Imbalance in February 2020. The participants we worked with on the 2nd lab related very well with the idea of Bullying and power imbalance. The process of creating this video was enlightening to us as we learnt about the different experiences and forms of bullying youths had to deal with in their life. Watching young people become creative from their own experiences and having the ability to share each experience in a unique way, hence eventually coming up with the final video was an exciting process to all of us.

The creativity depicted by these young people and the zeal to express their experiences on violence, was what made the whole process worth being part of. Script development was one of the most interactive sessions we had, as we tried to incorporate every participant’s experience with Bullying and power imbalance in the final script. From script writing, the next step involved becoming creative with the masks to bring out both the bully and the victim’s thoughts and feelings. We decided to write these feelings and thoughts on white plain masks.

With the second video done, we look forward to addressing more issues on violence among the youths through creating more videos and developing our experimental video making skills.

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