Semarang (13 February, 2020)

REC LAB 3 was held at DeTekon view Semarang. This event was organized by the Dejavato Foundation.

The REC LAB 3 Seminar raised the theme of Cyber Bullying. Participants were asked to discuss about what Cyber Bullying is and the impacts that can arise due to Cyber Bullying. In addition, the Speaker also gave an explanation of the shooting technique using Land art and also about the effects commonly used in making experimental videos. After the material were delivered, participants were divided into groups and are asked to try to apply the knowledge provided by making experimental videos with the theme Cyber Bullying.

The holding of the REC LAB 3 Seminar aims to not only provide new learning about videography, it also provides learning to participants about the impact of Cyber Bullying which has a negative impact on social life. This event was also able to provoke the activeness and creativity of the participants. This was shown in the work process and the work produced by the participants in the group.

Therefore, we can know that in fact the REC LAB Seminar will not stop here!

For those of you who want to experience getting new knowledge about various things, we are waiting for your arrival at Dejavato!

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