Dejavato begun the implementation of the REC LAB 1 on «Physical Violence» on Thrusday 30th December 2019. The workshop was attended by 17 participants, some of our favorable local volunteers. The REC Lab 1 lasted 8 sessions and was run by two youth workers who made an effictive work. This workshops was a capacity building activity, where different resources such as experimental cinematography and photography were involved to explore a serious problem which can affect the life of young people in different ways: physical violence.

The first session was opened by some ice-breaking activities. Then, the facilitators gave an overview of the project and run a Q&A session. It was quite clear for the number of questions asked that the participants were very excited to be part of this project! The following session was dedicated to a brainstorming activiy called ‘Ideas, Emotions and Experience’.  The participants wrote down their ideas on post-its and shared their thoughts about violence with their peers. During the same session we explored the photographic experimentation tecnique. The trainer gave information about photographic procedures and narrative photography based on the work of the expert Hubert Leroy. Afterwards, it was the time to create the storyboard and organize the creative production of the experimental video. All the team members learnt how to use the tablets to record videos. It was a very nice experience, especially becacuse Muhammad Nur Abdilah, our expert trainer in video-making, made the session very interactive and dynamic.

The workshops ended with some practical sessions where we could observe and discuss about the collected materials and we can conclude that it has been a great experience for the entire group, especially in terms of the positive values shared throughout the sessions.

“The workshop gave us experiences in photography and videography, so we can develop our skills better.” -Participant feedback-

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