Our first REC Lab was held on 3rd October, 2019 at CESIE. It was met by great excitement as we did the team building activities and energizers to get to know each other, and also to create a safe space for everyone to acquire the chance to express themselves fully. Great bonds have continuously been formed amongst us, as we continued to share our knowledge regarding the matters of discussion. In other words, we have an amazing team.

Deep discussions were held on the different types of violence. Sometimes, the participants were divided into small groups while other times the discussions took place through brainstorming, facilitated by the trainers. Some participants decided to share their personal experiences, while others preferred to talk about second hand experiences. For each Lab, our objectives were met as we came up with concrete different violence prevention methods. The participants were very motivated as demonstrated by their commitment to be part of the project.

The fun part was during the filming stages when the participants actually came in touch with the equipment, the amusement was clearly visible. Their eyes glittered with the intense thirst for knowledge, it was conspicuous that they wanted to learn more about experimental films.

We were a diverse group with people from different nationalities. Kenya, Spain, Greece, Gambia, Senegal, Italy among others. Language barrier was one of the challenges faced, some of the team members did not speak Italian, while others did not comprehend English. We had to come up with solutions such as making translations to ensure that everyone knew what was happening. However, even with this, the rich diversity in terms of different nationalities added spice to our workshops, not only in terms of originality and talent, but also proficiency in theoretical discussions.

Some of the methodologies appear to be a bit complicated to work as a combination, for example, CyberBullying and LandArt, but the participants are always determined to come up with great ideas to ensure that we have an amazing final experimental video.

As the sessions continue, we dig deeper into our discussions, educating ourselves more on the various forms of violence and their different methods of prevention, also, our creativity as a team in terms of our experimental video is growing by the day, as we look forward to ensure that every video is better than the previous one.

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